Welcome to Elina Vara
A pure blessing on your plate! The name Elina Vara holds a profound meaning as it combines two Sanskrit words. Elina represents “pure” and vara symbolises “blessings.” As you indulge in our culinary delights, we aim to deliver the purest blessings of nature through every dish we serve.
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The Coffee Connoisseur's

Your Go-To In-House artisan Roastery” Step into our in -house artisan coffee roastery, where we cherish the journey from bean to cup. Our journey of coffee begins with hand-selected, single-origin beans. We meticulously roast these beans to perfection, unveiling their distinct flavors and afomas. Treat yourself to the richness of freshly roasted coffee, lovingly prepared for you at our café.

Hydroponic & Microgreens at Elina Vara Farms

Elina Vara Farms! We proudly grow our own greens using the natural and eco-friendly method of hydroponics. With this sustainable approach, we cultivate nutrient-rich greens without the need for soil, providing you with a constant supply of fresh and flavorful produce. Enjoy the goodness of our homegrown greens, in every delightful salad and other farm to fork recipes we serve. However, during brief intervals of maintenance and cleaning, we collaborate with other hydroponic setups to ensure a continuous supply of fresh produce.

Ayurveda Elixir: Pure GIR A2 Milk from Our Beloved Gir Cows

At Elina Vara Farms our Gir A2 cows are treated with love and care, grazing freely in a natural environment. This happy and nurturing atmosphere ensures the production of superior-quality Gir A2 milk. Rich in A2 beta-casein, essential nutrients and easier to digest, our Gir A2 milk offers numerous health benefits. Experience the goodness of milk from contented cows, straight from our farm to your table.

Patisserie Perfection

Step into our Patisserie and savor the creations of our fourth-generation Pastry Head Chef, Mr.Jibrail Qureshi a legacy steeped in tradition meets innovation in every pastries, birthday cakes, macaroon,doughnuts, cookies, and chocolates etc all masterpieces with a touch of nostalgia and a sprinkle of contemporary charm. Taste the magic woven by the heart and hands of ourextraordinary Pastry Head Chef.
~ Discover the Diversity ~
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Free-Range Chicken Eggs at Their Finest!

We take great pride in serving only the freshest and most wholesome natural eggs. In our farm-to-fork dishes, where we use free-range chicken eggs from our farm. Our happy chickens roam freely, providing us with eggs that are not only fresh but also packed with essential nutrients. These eggs are rich in vitamins like A, D, and E, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, which promote heart health.Enjoy the taste of health in every bite!

Artisanal Bread Delights: Handcrafted Goodness at Daily Bakes Bakery

Welcome to Daily Bakes Bakery, where our artisanal breads are a labor of love. We take pride in using the finest ingredients, free from preservatives, commercial yeast, or premixed elements. Our slow fermentation method ensures exceptional taste and texture, without the need for any commercial yeast. What’s more, we harvest wheat from our own farm and grind it in-house at Elina Vara Farms, ensuring the highest quality flour. Experience the true essence of bread as we handcraft each loaf with care and passion, delivering the pure joy of fresh, wholesome baking to your table.


Sustainability | timeless | concepts In support of local artisans Welcome to Sodashi, our cherished concept store in our alfresco area is devoted to local artisans. Step inside and explore a world of handcrafted wonders that bear the essence of passion and creativity. By purchasing from Sodashi, you directly support and uplift the talented artisans in our community. Embrace the magic of artisanship and become a part of the movement to preserve and celebrate handcrafted goods. Join us in empowering local artisans with your purchases, and together, let’s make a difference, one unique creation at a time.

At Our Stone Fired Pizzeria!

What sets us apart is our commitment to natural fermentation. We forgo commercial yeast, opting for a slow and traditional process that allows the dough to develop complex flavors and a perfect texture.Our pizzas are created with high-grade Italian flour, ensuring a delectably light and airy crust.We source farm-fresh tomatoes to create our signature pizza spread, ensuring a burst of vibrant flavors in every bite. And to top it all of our garden beds and hydroponic setups supply us with a variety of fresh toppings, providing you with the ultimate farm to table experience.
~   Week Specials   ~
All Day Breakfast
Awaken to Epicurean Delights that Transcend Mornings – Our All Day Breakfast symphony entices with culinary opulence, each dish a crescendo of flavors orchestrating a masterpiece of the day.
Small & Big Plates
Culinary Revelry Unveiled – From Petite Pleasures to Grand Gastronomy, our Small & Big Plates options enchant with artisanal finesse, beckoning connoisseurs to a symposium of indulgence
Pasta & Risotto
You’ll be in culinary heaven with our handcrafted pasta and risotto, made with the freshest ingredients from our own fields. From the twirling pasta strands to the velvety risotto, each bite is a flavor explosion. Indulge in our culinary odyssey, where every plate is a work of art.
Vegan Desserts
Sweets that Blossom from Earth’s Embrace. Our Vegan Desserts options Dance with the Essence of Sun and Soil, Elevating Natural Ingredients into Dessert Poetry
Vegan Desserts 2
Sweets that Blossom from Earth’s Embrace. Our Vegan Desserts options Dance with the Essence of Sun and Soil, Elevating Natural Ingredients into Dessert Poetry
Creating flavor combinations that bring cooks and our restaurant guests pleasure is my job and I love it.”
Soup & Salad
Sip from the Garden’s Bounty, Savoring the Journey from Soil to Spoon. Our Soup & Salad Medleys Whisper Tales of Earth’s Treasures, Nourishing Body and Spirit with Unblemished Essence.
Soup & Salad
Sip from the Garden’s Bounty, Savoring the Journey from Soil to Spoon. Our Soup & Salad Medleys Whisper Tales of Earth’s Treasures, Nourishing Body and Spirit with Unblemished Essence.
Shared Plates
An Ode to Camaraderie, Crafted in Culinary Verse – Our Shared Plate’s collection is a mosaic of flavors, igniting conversations, fostering bonds, and elevating togetherness through each artful morsel.
Wood-Fired Pizza
Unveil a World of Culinary Artistry – Our Pizzas, A Canvas of Farm-Fresh Brilliance, crafted by Skilled Hands and Fired in the Heart of Our Wood-Burning Hearth. Experience Each Slice as an Ode to Nature’s Elegance, Where Fields Meet Flames, creating a Melody of Flavors That Dances on Your Palate.
Sober Drinks
Sip on Life’s Vibrancy, Embrace the Flavors Fully. Our Sober Drinks Menu Redefine the Art of Celebration, Infusing Each Glass with the Same Burst of Flavors Found in Cocktails. Unwind, Engage, and Revel in the Joy of Every Sip—Where Each Drop Beckons You to Raise a Toast to the Beauty of Unadulterated Taste and the Moments that matter, because that’s what matters the most.
Coffee Roastery
Elixir of Elevation, Brewed to Perfection – Our Roastery Coffee is the alchemy of carefully curated beans, transformed by fire and finesse into a libation that awakens the senses and nourishes the soul.
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